Local Work Group Meetings Begin

Ohio’s 88 county Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCDs) in partnership with the USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) announce Local Work Group (LWG) meetings have started!

LWGs are pulled together to gather input from constituents and conservation leaders throughout each county to determine natural resources issues and priorities.

One of the key highlights of these meetings is the ability to bring together individuals with a variety of expertise and knowledge that will enable both the SWCD and our federal partner, NRCS, to use this collaborative process to further focus efforts to make the greatest impact with available staff and funding. Some of the items that will be discussed include:

• The work and successes that have already been done in each county;
• Seek to identify the best investments that can be made to address natural resource problems;
• Prioritize and rank criteria that will be used to address these issues;
• Establish potential solutions and measurable outcomes;
• And, discuss strategies for strengthening conservation education and awareness, and other issues impacting conservation organizations.

So if you are a landowner or individual interested in conservation programs, practices and local efforts — get involved!  Contact your county SWCD to see when the LWG meeting is scheduled so you can provide input!  If the meeting has already taken place in your county, ask how you can be involved in the future!  We are always looking for more partners, volunteers and supporters of the conservation work happening each and every day!Sauder Village windbreak