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  • The purpose of this award is to recognize outstanding and innovative SWCD education initiatives that have proven successful in reaching out to a variety of audiences (including nontraditional and underserved), involving new partnerships, and spreading the soil and water conservation message. District programs honored will serve as models of excellence for other SWCD education programs.

  • This award strives to honor and recognize excellence in conservation education efforts by our Ohio teachers.

  • This award recognizes a district that demonstrates sustained excellence in promoting, supporting, and advancing conservation practices so that communities protect their priceless natural resources.

  • The purpose of this award is to provide good examples to new supervisors of whom our leaders have been; what they have done; and where we have come from. The Supervisors Hall of Fame shall also give us the opportunity to recognize outstanding leadership and contributions of past soil and water conservation district supervisors.

  • Children and grandchildren of past or present Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisors are eligible to apply for the OFSWCD's college scholarship program.