Richland SWCD Unveils New Watershed Page

Richland Soil and Water Conservation District is excited to announce the addition of some new interactive components added to their watershed page, which can be found from the website home page at

One of the main goals of the website is to help visitors become just as familiar with their watershed address as their postal address in an effort to see how land use impacts the quality of the county’s watersheds.

Explore the Watershed Page and Learn!
1) Find out what a watershed is.
2) See what watershed you’re in. Simply type your address in the search box.
3) Follow the streams and rivers in Richland County. Often times, we don’t realize where our water comes from and where it goes. This will help you become more aware of how our actions impact one another.
4) If you click on the name of each watershed, you are taken to a page that provides more information on that watershed.
5) Find out what livestock, land use, soil type and rivers are in each watershed. You can opt to take a brief tutorial the first time you click on a land use to learn how the page functions. View the page in map or satellite format and show all layers or turn them on and off.
6) Follow the Continental Divide in Richland County
7) See what precipitation Richland County is getting in real-time.

Volunteers monitor and record the amount of rain and snow fall from their location and post it on the website. This data is important because it helps us equate the data to water and soil quality within the county. Check the precipitation map often to see what is happening with respect to precipitation in your watershed and in the county.

So while this interactive page is focused on Richland County, it is very important to learn more about watersheds.  If you do not reside in Richland County and want to learn more about your watershed and efforts to benefit your surroundings, contact your county Soil and Water Conservation or touch base with us and we will link you to those who can answer your questions, provide you information, and get you involved in our conservation efforts!