Ohio Federation of Soil and Water Conservation Districts (OFSWCD) Composition

Each county Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) is governed by a board of five locally elected officials, who are familiar with the county’s resource needs and can deliver a tailor-made conservation program. Therefore, the OFSWCD organization actively involves all board members from each of the 88 counties, thereby totaling 440 supervisors. The OFSWCD is led by four officers including the OFSWCD Past President and a board of directors composed of five supervisors from each of the given areas of the state. The officers and directors serve two year terms.

OFSWCD Responsibilities

The OFSWCD meets to determine legislative needs, action items, and makes recommendations on these issues. Training and development programs are also held to address current topics of concern or other issues necessary to better serve the district staff and constituency in the community.

With the support of the OFSWCD, SWCDs provide assistance to urban and agricultural land users, specializing in soil erosion prevention and water management. SWCDs work with farmers through a voluntary cooperative agreement. Services include survey and design of
grassed waterways, erosion control structures, surface and subsurface drainage, farm ponds, windbreaks, and livestock waste management facilities.

SWCDs also sponsor a number of information and education programs, including no-till field days, pond clinics, forestry and wildlife field days and teacher conservation workshops. Many districts are also involved with Ohio youth through classroom visits, poster and essay contests and various other programs. SWCDs work collaboratively with the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and many other partners to deliver technical assistance, financial and other valuable conservation programs.

*The OFSWCD is a non-profit association organized under the Internal Revenue Service’ 501 (c) 3 classification.


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OFSWCD Officer Team 2017-1018